Strikitsa Consulting searches for CEO / CEO -1 level roles, Independent Directors of Boards of Directors, Engineering, Investment and Science professionals, VIP speakers and candidates for unusual vacancies.

We have 15 years of successful experience completing assignments in Private Equity, Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Energy, Hi-Tech Engineering & Production, Aviation, Airports and Education.

Most of our assignments have cross-border aspects and are related to Africa, Central Asia, SEA and BRICS. We motivate candidates to relocate or repatriate to markets of growing economies.

    Assigning Strikitsa Consulting for Executive Search services you will receive:
  • Consultants that have strong knowledge of your industry & markets.
  • Access to a large network of global contacts.
  • Focused data analysis prior to setting a pool for headhunting.
  • Deep and thorough profile checks using the Strikitsa Consulting Search Methodology.
  • A shortlist of candidates that passed professional, behavioural and leadership screening.
  • Help with setting up your interview process.
  • Full support in organising, conducting and analysing the results of your interviews.
  • Compatibility analysis of a package you plan to offer, market conditions and a candidate’s expectations.
  • Management of your Offer negotiations to ensure success.
  • Assistance with relocation, the paperwork of a new employee and help with localisation.


    Allowing Strikitsa Consulting to advise a career-move you will receive:
  • Highly confidential professional and non-biased support.
  • Thorough data of an opportunity we recommend, including all benefits and challenges of a firm and a role.
  • Full data about the region of a business, local traditions and customs, cost of life, opportunities and any concerns.
  • Guidance throughout the client interview process.
  • Advise on package negotiations.
  • Support to families prior and after the decision-making process.
  • Assistance with relocation and localisation.

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