Under the request of a client Strikitsa Consulting searches for companies that might be open to cooperate with a client on a certain project, to establish a joint venture, or to act as a host for exchange visits, etc. We also search for and analyse various data and advise clients how they can use it in their business. In addition, we assist in preparing, organising and running corporate education events.

Strikitsa Consulting offers collaboration management from 2009. Since then we have completed many successful assignments. The service has proven to be in demand from clients across industries and geographies.

    Examples of completed assignments include:
  • Global search, selection and project management of a collaboration of parties of a pipeline construction.
  • Global search, selection and project management of a multi-side collaboration at an apprenticeship system setup.
  • Global search, selection, content development, project management, event location preparation, technical support and event support for a large multi-side corporate event.
  • Numerous benchmark analyses across fields.


    Assigning Strikitsa Consulting for Collaboration Management services you will receive:
  • Full support in the search and selection process, negotiations, project structuring and project management.
  • Access to a wide network of contacts on a global scale.
  • Detailed data research and analysis using the Search Methodology of Strikitsa Consulting.
  • Mediation of your negotiations using the best of motivation techniques.
  • Management of your collaboration.
  • Services in setting up and conducting your exchange visits.
  • A benchmark of your project or challenge to other global cases.

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