SC-aero consulting aims to to add value to small or regional airports, start-up or budget airlines, aircraft design or manufacturing organisations. Strikitsa Consulting acts as an interim workforce solution when you need help. We bring ideas, open doors, connect the unconnectable, search for investors, audit performance, help to establish new routes, advise aircraft solutions and much more. As frequent global travellers our consultants enrich professional solutions with personal experiences.

    Our company offers SC-aero consulting from 2012. The service is in demand across the globe but particularly in BRICS and Africa. Examples of assignments include:
  • Hands-on solutions on how to increase inbound tourism and avia connectivity to the government and airport authorities of the only Buddhist region in Europe.
  • Cooperation with investors and local authorities on revival of a small airport in Asia.
  • Cooperation with aviation authorities of an African country on a range of aspects concerning performance of a chain of airports.
  • Cooperation with investors and government representatives of an African country over national avia connectivity.
  • Assistance to an aircraft design firm in promoting their products in Africa.


    Assigning Strikitsa Consulting for Aero Consulting you will receive:
  • Guidance from experienced professionals who travel the world, gather ideas and adapt them for your location.
  • A benchmark of your task or challenge to similar cases around the world.
  • Connections with possible clients, investors or stakeholders.
  • Access to global opportunities for your technology or a type of aircraft.
  • A boost to your performance, non-aviation revenues, connectivity and global recognition.

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