Executive Search

Strikitsa Consulting offers Executive Search Services based on the own search and selection methods. Success of our way of doing business is proved by 19 years of profitable assignments and stable long-term client relationships. We specialise in cross-border, complex or demanding cases. We work for Investors or their portfolio in Aviation, Aerospace, Infrastructure, Oil & Gas Energy, Hi-Tech, Education, and Agriculture companies. We focus on cross-border or national projects in Africa, Central Asia, Eastern Europe and the UK. We utilise highly confidential approach to assignments we manage.

With our help you can attract candidates for the following roles:

  •  Independent Directors of Supervisory Boards or Boards of Directors
  •  CEO and CEO-minus-one level of candidates
  •  Scientists and Engineers
  •  Unique, unusual, complex or highly innovative tasks
  •  VIP speakers
  •  Mentors, advisors, interim consultants.

By assigning Strikitsa Consulting for an Executive Search you will work with consultants that have deep knowledge of your industry and market, lived and worked in a number of countries, have large network of global contacts, apply highly confidential, professional and non-biased approach to all aspects of a search and assist you in all questions and concerns you may have.

This applies to both Clients and Candidates.